Industrial Dryers

Industrial plants often need compressed air to operate their production processes. The air is generally filtered to eliminate impurities that could damage the equipment, however despite all that is done, a small moisture component remains within the system. Prolonged contact with the machinery therefore leads to corrosion, incomplete lubrication and loss of compression, causing damage to the processing equipment, which is sometimes serious.

To avoid this type of problem in compressed air systems, dryers are fitted that eliminate at least 90% of the humid component of the air, making it safe for use inside the equipment.

We are very familiar with the operation of industrial compressed air dryers: we have been working with them for more than twenty years. We are available for both regular maintenance and repair work on these types of units.

Compressed Air Dryers Service and Maintenance

It is crucial that you entrust a specialized company like ours with the scheduled maintenance and repairs of the systems.

  • We recommend regular maintenance to minimize future problems with your systems and maintain maximum efficiency at all times. For example, thanks to our experience we are often able to identify components needing to be replaced in advance because they are in an advanced state of wear, avoiding sudden breakdowns with all the repercussions that these can have on the entire production cycle of our clients’ companies.
  • For repairs, we provide a fast service throughout Tuscany and carry spare parts to minimize downtime as much as possible.


If you are interested in a free check and an accurate estimate for the maintenance of your dryers, please do not hesitate to write to us at info@vittorimpianti.it.

We will get in touch as soon as possible to make an appointment with your manager to check your drying equipment.