Service and Management


We handle all maintenance and servicing for both air conditioning and refrigeration systems of all sizes for private homes and industrial environments.

We also offer the service of the thermal plant operation in accordance with the law, for plants over than 350 kW also.

System regulation

System regulation, which is often underestimated, makes it possible to achieve two main objectives:


  • Maintain the thermo-hygronomic conditions of the rooms served as precisely as possible, so as to optimize the well-being and comfort of the people who live there.
  • Optimize energy consumption.

Given the complexity of modern systems, careful regulation management often allows the same conditions of well-being to be achieved with lower energy consumption.

We achieve this goal, on the systems we service, also thanks to the use of specific control devices, such as those manufactured by Coster.

Thermal Plant Management

Thermal plants, especially medium and large capacity plants, are legally required to have a manager who is responsible for everything that happens to their plants.

The manager must ensure that all the operations required for the thermal power plant or system are carried out in a workmanlike manner by authorized (and in some cases licensed) personnel. These operations include a series of interventions required by law (combustion tests or regular maintenance) and, more generally, all safety checks.

The manager may be the owner of the plant or an administrator. However, given the complexity of safety issues, very often plants prefer to appoint a company that is specialized in the sector which meets certain legal requirements (such as holding the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certifications for the “Thermal Plant Management” sector when the plants exceed 350 kW).
This company, therefore, takes on the role of liable third-party as well as the role of thermal plant operator.

We are pleased to be able to offer our services for the operation of thermal plants of all sizes, including thermal power plants over 350 Kw, thanks to our long-standing experience and the fact that we meet all the legal requirements.


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