Air Conditioning Units

Today air conditioning is an essential part of both private homes and commercial or industrial buildings.

It allows us to protect ourselves from the increasingly aggressive heat in summer, to quickly heat small and large rooms during the winter, and to regulate the temperature inside and make rooms cozier.

This is exactly why the maintenance and servicing of air conditioning systems plays a crucial role and must be managed with the utmost professionalism.

Managing and servicing this type of systems means:

  • Taking scrupulous care over scheduled maintenance.
  • Providing prompt assistance for any problems encountered by our clients.
  • Keeping downtimes to a minimum. We achieve this, for example, by sending only qualified personnel for checks, with a van equipped for repairs carrying a range of common spare parts for water coolers and apartment splitters. In this way, most of the time we are able to carry out the necessary repairs immediately.
  • In the remaining cases (e.g. broken-down compressors, fans or specially programmed electronic boards) immediate repair is not possible, but we can still minimize downtime.

Legal obligations and advantages of regular checks


Investing in scheduled maintenance reduces the overall cost of repairs and extends the service life of your systems.

Statistically, we have ascertained that 90% of serious damage occurs on systems where no maintenance is performed. On the contrary, an operation check carried out by specialized personnel (conducted at regular intervals in keeping with how long the units have been in operation) allows for a – often substantial – decrease in related operating costs.

In addition, certain faults that are not identified in time often shorten the lifespan of the other components within the units, forcing clients to make replacements earlier than planned.

Effective maintenance also saves on energy consumption. During scheduled maintenance operations, we can check that your units and/or your overall systems are perfectly set up according to user needs. With the same level of well-being and comfort, you can achieve significant energy savings.

Finally, we remind you that there are laws (Italian Presidential Decree 147/06 EC 842/06) that oblige users of systems containing more than 3 kg of refrigerant gas (Freon) to perform checks, annually at a minimum, to ensure there are no gas leaks, which must be carried out using certified calibration instruments (EC 1516/07), given that Freon gas would be a pollutant if it were released into the environment.


Authorized service center for the best brands

Our professionalism is guaranteed not only by our proven experience, but also by the companies that manufacture air-conditioning machines for buildings. Indeed, we are frequently called upon to service their units during their warranty period.

Brands that have chosen us as their Authorized Service Center include Climaveneta, Clivet, Rhoss, Mta, Olimpia Splendid (Idronic Line), Venco, Climaveneta Home System, and Uniflair.



Please contact us to request assistance. Just send a simple email to info@vittorimpianti.it listing the problems you are experiencing with your air conditioner and we will call you back as soon as possible to make an appointment and/or inform you of the estimated date we can carry out the service.

We are also available for free checks of your heating/air conditioning systems in order to provide you with an accurate maintenance quote and check the health of your units.