In the cold winter months, we know all too well how uncomfortable it can be if we cannot get hot water for heating or showering.
Our company specializes in repairing boilers 35 kW and up, which are generally installed in small/medium-sized apartment buildings or in large commercial buildings. We also provide assistance for small boilers.

Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

Like air conditioning units, boilers also need maintenance in order to function at their best and avoid unexpected breakdowns. In addition, Italian Presidential Decree 412/93 et seq. has made a series of controls mandatory and establishes in detail – among other things – the different timeframes for maintenance and combustion analysis checks according to the type of boiler and thermal power.

Using flue gas analyzers calibrated annually by the manufacturers, we are able to check whether your boiler produces heat efficiently, with a two-pronged objective:


  • Protect the environment from an excess of harmful gases caused by combustion.
  • Achieve significant savings on your energy consumption. According to our estimates, the savings that can be achieved by calibrating a boiler that has never been checked is around 5-10% of your total gas bill.


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Please also contact us to request to be added to our database for legal verification.

You will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange a visit or so that we can check the expiry date of the tests required by law together.