conditioning and
cooling systems
Service centre authorised by the leading brands.
Turnkey management of big installations, from the design stage, to the after sales service and conduction stages.

Centro assistenza autorizzato dai migliori marchi.
Gestione chiavi in mano dei grandi impianti, dalla progettazione fino all'assistenza e conduzione.
Thermal, conditioning and cooling systems
Service centre authorised by the leading brands.


By contacting us, you will get the peace of mind of a "turnkey" service performed in flawlessly by qualified and experienced technicians right from the start, i.e. the design stage.


Private homes, large commercial facilities, office buildings, industries: over the years we have been faced with increasingly challenging and comprehensive projects.

Service and Conduction

We handle all maintenance and servicing for both air conditioning and refrigeration systems of all sizes for private homes and industrial environments.


We have been operating in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration sector since 1985.

We specialise in the installation, servicing and maintenance of Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning and Heating systems in both civil and industrial environments. We assist the customer in all phases of the work. We design the systems, the testing, the post-installation maintenance and we follow the conduction over time.


We believe in the value of the people who make up our team.

We have decided to focus first of all on their talent in order to grow and we do so by managing training, corporate and individual objectives with the utmost care, creating a genuine team spirit.

What we do and how we do it


We are an authorised service centre of the leading manufacturers of refrigeration units and heat pumps.


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